In a view of the specifics of my work, and just hobbies, I often have not only to solder, but also to drill. So I looked in advance for special drills.

For the convenience of machining metals up to 4 mm thick, special tools are used to obtain precise holes - unibits. They can replace the whole set for material processing, including crowns. That's why they are considered universal and are much more expensive than a conventional metal drill.

One of the features of the unibit is high drilling spee. The quality of the edge will not lost, even if the metal is too thin. They are not just for metal. With their help, you can handle plastic, plasterboard, pipes, wood and everything you want. Due to the sharp tip, which is typical for most unibits models, it can cut into even the most dense metal. You do not need to use a centering element, as before, which will greatly simplify the work.

Another very popular area of unibit use is grinding an already prepared holes. You can quickly remove all the shavings around the edges without using the nadfile, as when manually working the holes. The step drill bit drill has a specific structure in the form of translational channels, where each subsequent differs by a large diameter and a transition of 35-45 degrees. This allows to increase the efficiency of work by 50% when processing thin metal.

Such a specific design enhances the cutting ability and significantly increases the smoothness of metal working. Thus, the unibit can be used not only in a drill press, but also in a portable, manual drills. Thanks to a special coating of titanium, the tool has great strength, allowing you to work without sharpening for several days at the normalized load. Best unibit is more expensive then twist drill, its cost depends on the diameter and material of the coating.


Best unibit

A step drill is one of the main varieties of cone tools. It got its name due to the characteristic appearance: each next diameter has a smooth transition in the form of a step, which allows you to continuously measure the diameter of the hole, without stopping the work. It is very convenient if you need to make a certain diameter or pick it up under the cone. Compared to other tools, the conical step-shaped drill bit has many advantages. Here are just a few:

-high accuracy. Almost every mechanic worked with a spiral tool and knows how inaccurate the hole is when drilling diameters over 15 mm, not to mention 45-200 mm. Now the problem is solved. The edge is perfectly even, even if the thickness of the metal is less than a millimeter. Often used to "fit" an already existing hole with an uneven edge; Drilling with a stepped drill, d-cd.net

-universality. You can replace the whole set with just one product, since its diameter starts from 4 mm and ends at 40-50 mm (you can choose any range, from the customer's request). Thus, you save money; Step drills of different diameters, radikal.ru

-a complex approach. You simultaneously drill a hole and immediately take off the chamfer.

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